Travel Training

The WRTA Travel Training program helps people who want to learn to travel independently using the WRTA’s regular bus system. WRTA Travel Training is available to anyone aged 13 and older.

Enjoy increased independence and an active lifestyle with access to appointments, restaurants, entertainment, events, and more! WRTA Travel Training can enhance your lifestyle and make it easier to travel using the WRTA’s regular bus system. All WRTA buses comply with the American Disabilities Act regulations.

Get Started
A WRTA Travel Trainer will help find solutions that best fit your situation, abilities, and needs. Training starts with a series of steps from initial one-on-one instruction to less assistance from a trainer, which leads to independent travel.

There are two types of Travel Training available:
Destination: You learn to travel to and from a specific destination.

General: You learn to travel using the WRTA’s entire regular bus system in greater detail, without a specific destination in mind.

We’ll get you there!
WRTA Travel Training sessions provide firsthand experience riding the WRTA’s regular buses within your community. Each person’s needs and abilities are different, so training techniques and time devoted will vary person by person. Anyone who is at least 13 years old can participate in WRTA Travel Training. Learn how to safely and independently ride the WRTA’s regular bus system – plus, WRTA Travel Training is FREE!

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