Snow Routes

Updated January 2022

The WRTA works in all kinds of weather to provide safe, reliable, and convenient service. In some cases, this means using alternate routings. Snow routes and detour information is available from drivers, from signs posted on the buses, through radio station announcements, the WRTA website, Text Messaging, Social Media (Like WRTA on Facebook & Follow WRTA on Twitter), the WRTA’s mobile friendly site, and the WRTA’s information number, 508.791.WRTA (9782). Snow route detours are also shown on the map of each printed schedule.

To ensure the safety of both passengers and drivers, the WRTA has established the following SNOW ROUTES during winter weather conditions.

No Route Changes Due to Snow: 4, 6, 15, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33, 42.

Look for the destination sign on the front and side of the bus to determine if changes are in effect for the bus that you are riding. The sign will flash SNOW ROUTE when they are in effect.

The routes listed below are for weekday, Saturday and Sunday and are subject to change and the alternate routing listed for some routes may be implemented in addition to Snow Routes.

Route 1
Dorchester St., Grafton St., Massasoit Rd and Heywood St. are not served.

Route 2
Sunnyhill Dr., and Worcester Airport are not served. Snow Route terminates at Airport rotary.

Route 3
Elm Street and Maple Street are not served, from Front St., to Pleasant Street to Chestnut Street for outbound travel. Alternate route may be implemented: Foster St. to Main St. to Highland St.

Route 5
No outbound service to Blithewood Ave. Route will continue on Grafton St. to Rt. 20 to Massasoit Rd.

Route 7
Family Health Center, Coes St., Coes Pond Village, and Washington Heights are not served. During extreme conditions alternate routing where there is no service to Maywood and Lovell Street, using Park Avenue may be implemented. Alternate Route: Service to Family Health Center by using King St. to Woodland St. to May St.

Route 11
Upland St., Autumn Woods Apts., and Spofford St. are not served; Vernon and Millbury Streets are used as alternate routes. During extreme conditions alternate routing where there is no service to Upsala Street, using Vernon to Millbury St. Alternate route when not servicing Vernon St. using Spurr to Providence Street may be implemented.

Route 14
No service to Quinsigamond Community College, route will travel outbound on Burncoat St. to the Summit and Porter Chester Institute, inbound reverse.

Route 16
No service into 11 Lake Ave.
Bus will take Coburn Ave, Anna St. between Hamilton St. and Lake Ave.
No service to Plantation Towers. Bus will enter Lincoln Plaza at the first entrance by Azteca Restaurant into Lincoln Plaza to the service road to Target to regular route.

Route 19
Goddard Memorial Drive and South High School are not served. Bus will take Main St. to Apricot St. to Goddard St., back to Main St.

Route 23
St. Nicholas Ave. and Clark St. are not served. Snow Route terminates at Worcester Arts Magnet School.

Route 24/24A
Seabury Heights, and Green Hill Towers are not served. Route 24A on a Sunday snow route will not service Seabury Heights and Greenhill Towers. Bus will take Belmont St. to Plantation St. to UMASS.

Route 31
From Front St., bus crosses Main St. to Chestnut St. to Elm St., for Outbound only.
Bus enters Lincoln Plaza at first entrance near Azteca Restaurant, follows the service road inside Lincoln Plaza to Target to regular route.