How to Ride

How to Ride the Bus

If this is your first trip on the bus, you may be a little nervous. Don’t worry — WRTA personnel are ready to help you! Here are a few tips:

It is best to arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes early.

Within Worcester and its service communities, the WRTA picks up and drops off passengers at designated bus stops marked with the WRTA logo. Many stops provide real-time arrival information via the Bustracker information system. In outlying areas, or where stops are not marked, buses will stop if they are waved down and if it is safe to stop at that location.

  • Verify that you’re on the right bus.
  • The route number and destination is listed on the electronic signs located on the front, side, and rear of the bus. If you are not sure you are boarding the correct bus, please ask the driver.
  • As the bus approaches, move toward the curb and indicate to the driver that you want to board the bus. The driver will lower the step for easy boarding if you request it.
  • When boarding the bus, drop exact cash fare into the farebox (if you qualify for reduced fare, show your identification card to the driver).
  • If purchasing a One Day Pass, insert exact fare into the farebox, and the driver will issue the pass. On subsequent trips on the same day the pass is swiped on the farebox.
  • A 31-Day Pass is activated on the first use (date will be stamped on the back) and swiped on the farebox, for all subsequent uses.
  • If using the Charlie Card, just Tap your card on the orange contact on the farebox and wait for the “Ping” noise to indicate you have paid.
  • The Federal Transit Administration permits transit systems to set a minimum age limit for children riding without a parent or guardian.

    The WRTA has set this age limit at Nine (9) years old. In order to ensure compliance with this age limit, operators may question a child seeking to board a bus who appears, in the operator’s opinion, to be Eight (8) years old or younger. If an operator is not satisfied with a child’s answer, the operator may call for assistance from a WRTA supervisor and/or public safety personnel. This policy applies to Paratransit Service as well.
  • As the bus approaches your stop, pull the cord or press the plastic strip near the window. This will let the driver know where you want to leave the bus.

Rules & Regulations for Riding the Bus
The WRTA wants to provide an enjoyable and safe trip for all of our customers. Please observe the following rules aboard the bus:

  • Please stay seated to avoid falling when the bus starts or stops.
  • For your safety, passengers must remain behind the standee or the yellow line.
  • No food, drink, or smoking is allowed onboard.
  • Electronic devices that could disturb others, such as video games, radios, tape players, CD or MP3 players must be used with headphones.
  • Rude language and behavior are unacceptable.
  • Children must be seated at all times.
  • Strollers must be folded and kept out of the aisle.
  • All carts must be folded and kept out of the aisle.
  • Service animals are welcome, but pets are not allowed unless they are in a secure carrier.
  • Please keep your head and hands inside the bus, and keep them clear of opening and closing doors.
  • Bus windows must be kept closed when air conditioning is in use.
  • Please use the handrails when exiting.