Advertising / Media Kit

WRTA Ads can reach over 500,000 people every single day!

Put your ad on our “moving billboards” at a fraction of the cost of other media. Your ads get noticed on our buses, which is why we have so many repeat advertisers. The WRTA provides you with an opportunity to reach your target audience with greater frequency than traditional media: Your message is seen by more people, more often than with any other type of advertising.

WRTA advertising delivers your message when people are out of the office or the house – even while they’re listening to the radio. Your ad is seen non-stop by people over 12 hours a day, seven days per week. Transit advertising is less expensive per month than billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, and television.

With Interior Card ads, you can reach a captive audience of WRTA passengers who spend an average of almost 20 minutes on the bus!

When thinking about the most effective ways to invest your advertising dollars, think about the WRTA – eye-catching ads on our buses are seen by hundreds of thousands of people each week. It’s a great way to reinforce your overall advertising campaign and build brand recognition within Worcester County.

Wrap a bus! Premium bus wraps command a truly dynamic presence on the road and in traffic. Be the only exterior advertiser on “your bus,” and cover the entire vehicle (minus the windows) with your message!

To find out how you can benefit from advertising with the WRTA, please contact Jamie Winters at

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