Bus Tracker

About Bustracker
Bustracker is a service designed to help take the guesswork out of bus arrival and help you to get to your stop at the same time as your bus. Bustracker uses GPS technology and predictive arrival algorithms to track buses on their routes. Taking into account the actual position of the bus, their intended stops, and the typical traffic patterns, Bustracker predicts bus arrivals with a high degree of accuracy. Estimates are updated constantly as vehicles are tracked.

Bustracker can display up to three arrival times for the primary route you have selected. Other routes servicing the stop can also appear for up to two hours from the buses’ scheduled arrival times.

Bustracker technology tracks buses on their routes every 30 seconds and the information is updated every minute. The accuracy of predictions varies depending upon many factors, including changes in traffic patterns, accidents, etc. Therefore, Bustracker cannot specify an exact overall accuracy. Unexpected detours, accidents, traffic slowdowns and severe weather can cause predictions to be less accurate. Broken bus equipment also can cause predictions to not be available for that bus.

Bustracker will also allow you to bookmark specific bus stop ID numbers through the account settings on your Bustracker account. 

Access to Bustracker for the Visually impaired:

Other ways to track your bus:
By Text: Text “WRTA” and your stop ID to 41411. Leave a space between the word “WRTA” and your stop number when entering text.
By Phone: Call 508.296.8725 Enter your bus stop number and route number when asked and you’ll hear the estimated arrival time of the next bus at your stop.

Is my privacy protected?
Bustracker does not track your identity. The system only keeps track of the last stop selected on your computer. If you choose, you can even eliminate this record by turning off the cookies for your browser. You will still be able to obtain predictions. For cell phone, PDA, and SMS sites Bustracker will only use any collected information for providing passenger information like snow delay notices, route detours, and other updates to you. Alerts, bulletins, and notices are infrequent. Bustracker will NOT use this information for any other purpose nor sell or distribute this information to any other organization.