Bilingual Surveyor Job Description

Spanish-Language Surveyor Job Description

About this position:
MLD Services, Inc., on behalf of the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA), is conducting an in-person customer satisfaction survey in April 2024. MLD is seeking two bilingual Spanish / English surveyors to assist with administering surveys to WRTA customers, especially Spanish-speaking customers with limited English proficiency. It is anticipated that the time commitment for this role would be 3 hours of training and 40 hours of in-person surveying. Travel time is not included, though costs to and from the surveying locations will be reimbursed.
Job duties include:

Each surveyor will attend two 90-minute trainings, estimated to be held in early April. One is anticipated to be held virtually, and the second held in-person (location TBD, but likely to have options in Boston-area and Worcester area);
Each surveyor will pass out surveys and collect completed responses during five 8-hour shifts in the week of April 22. Surveys are to be distributed on WRTA buses and at the main transit hub;
At the conclusion of each surveying shift, each surveyor will be asked to document the number of completed surveys collected and where they were collected.

An ideal candidate would demonstrate the following:
Fluency in English and Spanish;
Outgoing personality and ease of speaking with a diversity of WRTA customers;
Flexible schedule to conduct in-person surveying early in the morning, during the middle of the day, and/or evenings on weekdays and/or weekends in late April 2024;
Ability to reliably conduct survey activities when scheduled.

Compensation: Training and survey work will have an hourly wage between $25 and $40, depending on qualifications.

MLD understands that surveyors may have other obligations that prevent them from surveying at certain times of day. Applicants with part-time availability during that week in April who meet the other qualifications are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should email MLD at or call 617-529-4876 with a resume or other description of qualifications no later than March 15th. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis until the positions are filled.

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