Reduced Trips on Fridays (click here)

Due to driver shortages, the WRTA has decided to temporarily suspend or reduce service provided on Fridays only, as follows:

Route 8/25 (in its entirety) will be suspended.
Service on Routes 11/24, 14, 19, 26, 27, and 30 will be reduced.
These schedule changes will not affect paratransit services.
For details on the affected routes click here.

Affected Routes: 825: Park Avenue Connector, 11: The Fair Plaza via Vernon Hill and Greenwood St., 14: Showcase Cinemas/Holden via Burncoat St., 19: Webster Square – Clark University via Main St., 24: UMass Medical Center via Belmont St., 27: Auburn Mall via Main St., 30: W. Boylston Wal-Mart via Grove St. & W. Boylston St.
Starting: January 27, 2023