June 26, 2024: Detours & Missed Trips


Route 6
Outbound – From Chandler St., Left onto Wellington St., Right onto Jacques Ave. to Queen St.  Returned to regular route. 5:00 PM

Route 7
Inbound from King St. will stay on King St., right to Chandler to regular route. Outbound – Returned to regular route. 5:00 PM

Regular route from Jacques Ave, to King St to Chandler St. Inbound reversed.

Route 23
Fairways is closed. All buses will be using Red Cross as EOL. Returned to regular route. 5:46 PM


Please check often for updates.

Missed Trips:

Route 23
8:00 AM

Route 31

8:15 PM



Affected Routes: 6: West Tatnuck via Chandler St. , 7: Washington Heights Apts., 23: East Mountain Street via Lincoln St., 31: Lincoln Plaza via Grove St. & West Boylston St.
Effective until: June 26, 2024